Profile : Jason Roose

Whether it’s clothing or jewelry designers, we’re always excited to work with up and coming artists and we love introducing them to you. We also love the opportunity to give our customers  goodies whenever possible, and boy do we have a great gift for you!

Jason Roose, the artist that co-designed and constructed the beautiful pieces in our store, took some time to join forces with The Oxford Trunk to create a piece that one lucky follower will be awarded!

Feast your eyes on this one of a kind piece…


Her name is “The Mossley” and she retails at $2000.

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Learn a little more about the man behind the paintbrush, Jason Roose, below in our interview with him.


OT: “When did you start painting?”

JR:”Growing up instead of my mom giving me a book to read, she always gave me a pad of paper. So painting and art have been something I’ve been doing for as long as I can remember.”


OT: “When are you most inspired to paint?”

JR: “I go through phases… but usually travelling and meeting interesting people inspires me to recreate what I’ve seen in the world.”


OT: “You lived in New York for 10 years. How has moving to the west coast changed or influenced your work?”

JR: “New York has a grittiness about it that I don’t believe can exist in other places. While New York will always be a large part of my inspiration to paint, the west coast has softened the hard edges. The landscapes of the two places are so vastly different, from concrete and hard lines, to the pacific and California’s insane beaches, it’s nice to have both to draw from.”


OT: “Most artist stick to only one medium… you also have Pipertina. Can you tell us about that?”

JR: “I’ve always wanted to build furniture. But, in New York I never had the space. Out here there is more room to grow and I was able to explore other forms of creativity. Reclaimed wood is not only beautiful, but good for the environment. Utilizing materials that already exist rather than contributing to our ever growing consumerism is something I feel strongly about. I’m just lucky it also makes for rad furniture.”


Check out his website here

Photos by JL Photographers