Glowing and Gleaming

by theoxfordtrunk

I don’t know if it’s age or exhaustion or both but man, my skin has really dulled in the last couple of years!  Dermatologists and estheticians have been telling me for years that after age 20 (what, really?) we start to loose collagen and facial fat.  I guess I didn’t pay that much attention until recently.

During my pregnancy with Tyler my skin looked how I felt: dull, tired, and aging.  I hoped it was just hormones and would return to normal after delivery, but no.  I have always used good products on my skin but it wasn’t until recently that I really needed these products (more on this later).  Skincare is more beneficial for making changes to your skin than cosmetics but let’s be honest, cosmetics can really help you appear more radiant!  So here are my tried and true beauty products to help you glow:





Most of the time I like to keep my makeup minimal and just focus on dewy looking skin. In this photo I’m wearing: #5 Honest Primer, Stila Beauty BalmMac Strobe Cream mixed with my CC Cream, and these illuminating drops on the high points of my face.


I had to add this little bad boy because it’s also a favorite to add an instant subtle glow!

*next up I’ll talk about my favorite skin care to help with the glow.