Simple Beach Look

by theoxfordtrunk

I would have to say my go to look is always a simple beach wave and sun-kissed makeup.  Here are my favorite products to achieve this look very quickly.

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 9.25.39 AM

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Step 1- lightly spritz sea salt spray at roots and gently throughout damp/towel dried hair.  This product can be drying and sticky if you use too much.  I usually sleep with damp hair or let it air dry, however you can blow dry it.

Step 2- once hair is dry go over a few pieces around the crown and a few pieces underneath with a rod or curling iron.  Be sure to leave the ends out for a natural look and always curl away from your face.

Step 3- Spray Unite Texture spray from the bottom of your hair towards the roots.  Again, with texturizing products a little bit goes a long way!


Step 4- I spray a bit of Triple Sec at the roots – it smells so good!

Step 5- The Oribe Apres Beach also smells great and adds a bit of shine, spray at the tips of hair before you go

Step 6- Dust some bronzer on – make 3 on each side of your face starting at your forehead

Step 7- A nude lip looks great with simple hair and makeup