Face Masks

by theoxfordtrunk

Part of my skin care routine is putting on a face mask 1-3 per week.  When I’m consistent about doing masks I notice a big improvement in my skin. Washing and moisturizing your face are important to do daily but that alone won’t make a lot of improve in your skin.  Here are some of my favorite masks and they only take 10-20 mins.


Moroccan Red Clay Powder   , Yin Mask, Tea

I recommend mixing your mask with an herbal tea, preferably chilled.  You can use any kind. Always patch test, especially if you have sensitive skin.  If you feel like your skin can tolerate it, try mixing it with apple cider vinegar   Be warned- this will likely leave your skin bright red for about 30 mins after you wash it off, this is because it pulls all the blood to your face and improves circulation.

After you wash the mask off spritz your face with a toner- these are my picks – ( 1 ) (2) (3IMG_4466

Next apply a serum – my picks (1) (2) (3)

Currently wanting to try this one IMG_4467

 Last step- apply moisturizer. My picks (1) Best used at night time (2)  (3)

Wanting to try this one

You can also skip the moisturizer and just do an oil, you’ll wake up with smooth glowing skin. My picks (1) this is a great lightweight oil that absorbs well  (2) (3) (4)

* Don’t be afraid of oil! It does wonders for ALL skin types, especially oily skin.