by theoxfordtrunk

So I had my first go at Cupping last night!  If you aren’t familiar with cupping you can read about it here and here  . I have been getting acupuncture for over 15 years, which I love and have noticed great results.  Over the last two weeks I have had a chronic headache so I went to get acupuncture and I had a new doctor.  After the acupuncture he asked if I wanted to do cupping, I said “of course, I will try anything!”


At moments it was painful but overall I thought it felt good. I had so much tension in my back, shoulders, and neck that it is causing so much pain and chronic headaches. I would say I felt 70% better after my appointment and by this morning I feel 90% better.  Painkillers weren’t doing anything to offer relief or get at the problem so this was a huge improvement. I’m hoping after my next treatment I will be 100%!  I absolutely recommend Traditional Chinese Medicine as a great way of healing many aliments just be warned if you get cupping, it may look like this for a while before it goes away, so don’t do it before any big events.