Oil Cleansing Method

by theoxfordtrunk

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I have been obsessed with skincare since I was twelve years old!  My mom would give me her free gifts from Lancome and Estee Lauder that always included an eye cream that I would put on at night before bed.  Fast forward 19 years and I’m still just as obsessed! So let me start by sharing one of the best methods for all skin types!

Someone introduced me to the oil cleansing method about 6 years ago and it will change your skin for the best!

First let me say that you may need to experiment a bit to find what oils work best for your skin.  I personally like to switch between a few different ones.  This one works best because it combines several different types that work perfect for cleansing

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I also use this face wash first to take off any make up and then put a hot wash cloth over my face and let the steam open my pores, then I use the Bella Rosa Race Cleanser oil.  I let it soak my face for about a minuet and then use the hot wash cloth again to scrub it off.  The oil will keep your skin quite moisturized but it’s important to really hydrate your skin after as washing it this way deep cleans so well that it can be drying.  In the next post I will talk about my favorite moisturizers!