Silver white winters that melt into Spring…

by theoxfordtrunk

These are a few of my fav-o-rite things…

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< < Lipstick > >

  Pretty much every color, kind and type. It is everything!

My go to brands are:

 Bite (available at Sephora)– So moisturizing that it feels like you’re wearing chapstick! This stuff is all natural. They even claim healthy enough to eat! To make it better, they name their lipsticks after wines. Could it get any better?

Kat Von D— The famously tattooed artist has created a full line of cosmetics, but her lipsticks are the true stars of the line. The colors are bold and lasting.

Nars— Can’t really get enough of any of their cosmetic line (their bronzers and blushes are pricey, but well worth it). I’m in love with the Matte Lip Pencils.


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< < Lingerie > >

I know it probably sounds funny, but I just love the stuff. There is something about wearing fabulous undergarments that just puts a little extra pep in my step. And we can’t forget about sleepwear. Nighties, matching top and shorts sets, etc. I just could shop till I drop!




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< < Hair Products > >

For me it’s pretty much Kevin Murphy all the way. I have a friend that works for the Australian Stylist and business owner and she’s the one that got me hooked. I use the Luxury Wash and Rinse set, which is for coarse, color-treated hair (like mine). My favorite two products are the Shimmer.Shine which repairs hair and makes it gorgeously shiny! (If gorgeously isn’t a word, then I’m making it one!) And the Hair.Resort.Spray which gives those beachy waves that all us gals love!

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I’m definitely a girly girl, as you can probably tell by reading this post. One thing I do indulge in, that is of the utmost girly are mani-pedis. Every 2 weeks like clockwork. I honestly don’t feel right without them. Always gel for my mani. I don’t really see the point of regular polish. I make jewels for a living, so I need my nails to be tough to withstand the wear and tear. And pedis just because no one wants to see how gross my feet can get without them!

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Now you know a little more about me.