Red Balloons For Ryan

by theoxfordtrunk

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This is the Saldana Family.  If you haven’t heard their story yet, be warned it will break your heart.  Their 3 1/2 year old son was tragically killed this past Friday night ( more here). We would like to share this with you in an effort to raise support for this family.  Whether that is emotional, spiritual, or financial all forms would help.

We didn’t know this family personally but have followed Jacqui ‘s blog and instagram since 2012. Here is a list of companies that we currently know of offering donations, you can also donate directly to the family here


The Oxford Trunk – Special offer code MOTHER20 for 20% off – proceeds going to the Saldana Family (we will soon have a necklace that can also be purchased)


Lyndsay Johnson’s Print $1

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River & Bridge FREE Printable

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Janessa Leone is offering 30% off the proceeds

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Geo Fox Apparel made a special shirt and 100% of profits go to the family

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Little Boogaweezin also made a special shirt

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Those are the companies we know of, if you know more than people share in the comments!  Thank you for taking the time to read this.


The Oxford Team