Playing Dress Up

by theoxfordtrunk

 I’ve always loved playing dress up.

My mom had an amazing dressing room when I was growing up. You heard me… I said dressing room. The term closet could not be given to the monstrosity of a room that housed my mother’s clothes. I guess my interest in fashion started at a young age from my mother’s influence on me.


 Before she was my mom, she was a hair stylist. I’m lucky that I had a mom that could handle the mop of hair that I was blessed with. As she would rip through my hair with a comb, I would remember her saying “suffer for beauty my darling”.


She tells a story of having 3 kids under the age of 4 (god help her). I don’t know how she did it. She had us at the mall one time (who knows why she’d attempt that feat), and she remembers spinning around, feeling unbelievably overwhelmed at her 3 littles, and I am walking down an aisle with a pair of high heels on my teeny tiny feet, barely able to keep them on. All she could do was laugh.


My mom is an inspiring woman. She inspired me to always be who I wanted to be. To dress as I wanted. To strive for my goals. Above all, her unconditional love is what always gave me confidence. She’s touched my life in ways no other person has.


hat & jewels // The Oxford Trunk

sunglasses // Ray Ban

shoes // Forever 21