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Indian Summer Meets Pre-Fall

Summer is coming to an end, and we’re ready for jackets, boots and fall colors. But, with temperatures still high, finding ways to incorporate a fall feel into heat friendly clothes can be a task. See how we styled two pieces, a romper and a maxi, that could easily be worn in the summer, for a more fall look.


Rompers aren’t just meant for the summer. Styling them with a pair of boots and a leather jacket makes them feel appropriate for fall, but still cool enough for warmer weather.


A touch of leather does wonders to make an outfit feel more fall transitional. A fringe bag, in a warm, sandy beige is exactly what this dress needs.


High boots and peep toe booties in suede scream fall. Throwing either of those bad boys on with your summery dresses or rompers warm those looks right up!


Leila Dress // Navy Jane Romper // Gold Plated Turquoise Necklace // Turquoise Crescent Choker // Wonderland Sun – Colony // Spy Sunglasses – Quinn // Cleobella – Hendrix Fringe Bag

Get The Glow

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 11.38.55 AM.png


Truly, I hope highlighting never goes out of style, I just love the way it feels to have a little glow!  I’m obsessed with highlighters so don’t ask me to play favorites, it’s so much more fun to play around with several.  Here are a few of my current favorites. I find that the Benefit Watt’s Up is probably the best one to keep in your makeup bag because it is very easy to apply and blends well.  This Mac one is beautiful and lightweight, it adds a dewy glow—> however because it’s dewy it is not long wearing.  Perfect for photos or to go out at night.  This Bobby Brown one is so dreamy and perfect for adding a touch of bronze. The Becca Shimmering Skin Perfecter is a great because it is a powder but has more of a cream effect on the skin.  Lastly, this Mac Mineralize powder makes a great addition to any makeup kit and blends well on many skin tones!



Spotlight On: Bad Chemicals in Cosmetics and Skincare

Ever since I was a “tween” I’ve been obsessed with skincare and beauty products, I even started using eye cream when I was twelve! Although, I’m quite certain that even with a head start in the anti-aging game the sleep deprivation I’ve experienced in the last five years has reversed any benefits ( thanks kids).

With that being said what you put into your body and onto your skin is so important.  Most skincare and beauty products, especially those sold at drugstores, have SO many harmful ingredients. We’re talking cancer causing, irritating, and  environmentally destructive.  I’m not saying you need to get extreme and throw out any and all your products, but I do think it helps to educate yourself and get in the habit of reading labels.  This website is very helpful listing harmful chemicals and what they do.  I try to keep these bad products out of my skincare however, I do sometimes make an exception with makeup and hair products because, well hey, it’s called balance (and sometimes they just work way better)!

Each week I’m going to list some current favorite products, starting with these:

Face Mask

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 11.48.58 AM


Tinted Moisturizer 

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 11.40.53 AM


I also LOVE using oil on my face.  I use it everyday as my moisturizer and at night- it’s great for every skin type!  I like to mix it up because there are so many wonderful oils that all have different benefits. I like to experiment by blending my own but these are also great ones as well:

Argan Oil


Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 11.56.28 AM


Rosehip Oil

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 12.00.27 PM






With Valentine’s Day coming up I can’t help but have a few items on my wish list:

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 9.44.16 PM

1 | 2| 3|  4| 5 |

What are some items you’re asking for?



I Dream of Top Knots

When you’re a crazy busy woman like me (which, let’s be honest, you all are too) sometimes I just don’t have time to do my hair. But, that doesn’t mean that I don’t want it to look cute and for me to look put together.

Top knots are the way to go. They’re the perfect way to pull together a look and best part, they’re so darn easy to do.

Here are some of my favorites from over the years. Loving the half up top knot, because I get head aches when I wear all of my hair up.

They’re so easy to do, depending on the style you want to go for…

You can gather all of your hair on top of your head and twist your hair down and around for a more polished look.

Scoop the small portion of hair at the crown of your head and twist and wrap down or pull it through and puff it out for two different styles.

You can also go for the rats nest look and ball all your hair up and wrap your hair tie around it all. Sometimes fastening some fly aways with bobby pins is necessary in this case.

Here are some awesome pics from pinterest to further inspire your top knot dreams .




So… it’s no secret that I get NO sleep since my kiddos keep me up all night. Because of this I look like a zombie.  I count on concealer and sometimes lashes to help me look more awake! I don’t do it everyday but if I have a little extra time I’ll throw some lashes on and look waaayy better!

I think the key is to keep them looking natural, just enhanced!


Unless you are going to an evening event just stick to individuals.  Here is what I use:

These  in medium

I like to use this glue 

I usually just apply a couple at the ends, but you can add them throughout the lash line.

Here is a good video to watch to help apply.



Simple Beach Look

I would have to say my go to look is always a simple beach wave and sun-kissed makeup.  Here are my favorite products to achieve this look very quickly.

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 9.25.39 AM

1 | 2| 3| 4| 5| 6| 7|

Step 1- lightly spritz sea salt spray at roots and gently throughout damp/towel dried hair.  This product can be drying and sticky if you use too much.  I usually sleep with damp hair or let it air dry, however you can blow dry it.

Step 2- once hair is dry go over a few pieces around the crown and a few pieces underneath with a rod or curling iron.  Be sure to leave the ends out for a natural look and always curl away from your face.

Step 3- Spray Unite Texture spray from the bottom of your hair towards the roots.  Again, with texturizing products a little bit goes a long way!


Step 4- I spray a bit of Triple Sec at the roots – it smells so good!

Step 5- The Oribe Apres Beach also smells great and adds a bit of shine, spray at the tips of hair before you go

Step 6- Dust some bronzer on – make 3 on each side of your face starting at your forehead

Step 7- A nude lip looks great with simple hair and makeup



Beauty Videos

I’ve recently become obsessed with watching makeup videos in my free time.  How great would it be to have someone doing your hair and makeup everyday? A girl can dream right?  Here are some I like:






Jewels on Jewels



Over the last 4 years we’ve had a lot of great jewels!  Here are some of my favorite pieces that I wear daily! Take advantage and get your favorite jewels for 50% off now! Enter code JEWELS50 at checkout!


140530 OxfordTrunk-0176-2


131206 oxford-0248130913 oxford-0497



Face Masks

Part of my skin care routine is putting on a face mask 1-3 per week.  When I’m consistent about doing masks I notice a big improvement in my skin. Washing and moisturizing your face are important to do daily but that alone won’t make a lot of improve in your skin.  Here are some of my favorite masks and they only take 10-20 mins.


Moroccan Red Clay Powder   , Yin Mask, Tea

I recommend mixing your mask with an herbal tea, preferably chilled.  You can use any kind. Always patch test, especially if you have sensitive skin.  If you feel like your skin can tolerate it, try mixing it with apple cider vinegar   Be warned- this will likely leave your skin bright red for about 30 mins after you wash it off, this is because it pulls all the blood to your face and improves circulation.

After you wash the mask off spritz your face with a toner- these are my picks – ( 1 ) (2) (3IMG_4466

Next apply a serum – my picks (1) (2) (3)

Currently wanting to try this one IMG_4467

 Last step- apply moisturizer. My picks (1) Best used at night time (2)  (3)

Wanting to try this one

You can also skip the moisturizer and just do an oil, you’ll wake up with smooth glowing skin. My picks (1) this is a great lightweight oil that absorbs well  (2) (3) (4)

* Don’t be afraid of oil! It does wonders for ALL skin types, especially oily skin.